Band Lineup and Bio

Final Gravity is:

Melissa Jane – Lead Vocals
John Chominsky – Drums
Mike Clark – Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
Charles Mumford – Bass Guitar


Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Final Gravity flies again after a founding member moves on to the world of academia.

Named after a brewing term, the Los Angeles-based band was founded in 2007 by four good friends who shared a longstanding musical history and a passion for craft beer. Releasing their debut CD in 2009 after a year of writing and recording, the members of Final Gravity were excited about their prospects for 2010. However, near the end of a PR campaign that garnered several positive reviews and features, the band received the bittersweet news that lead vocalist Bill Moore, PhD, landed a job at Hampton University in Virginia to head up their Planetary Science department.

Drummer John Chominsky, guitarist Mike Clark, and bassist Charles Mumford were thrilled to see their friend achieve a major career goal, but were also left wondering what the future would hold for Final Gravity. The answer came when the band was contacted with the amazing opportunity to open for progressive metal legends Fates Warning at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA.

Final Gravity immediately reached out to their friend Melissa Jane, a talented singer whose history with the band dated back to when they shared a bill with her all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band. Melissa was excited about the opportunity to perform, but there was a slight problem, she was almost 8,000 miles away, back home in Australia waiting for a talent visa to be approved. After a few frantic days, everything fell into place: Melissa flew to Los Angeles for three intensive days of rehearsals and the band was a smashing success opening for Fates Warning.

Now a full-fledged member of Final Gravity, Melissa Jane adds a dash of honey to the Final Gravity brew. Featuring a powerful voice and a strong sense of melody, Melissa adds a whole new dimension to Final Gravity’s existing material. The band is also in the process of writing and recording new music and has recently worked with legendary producer Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater). Over the next several months, Final Gravity will be releasing several new songs and plans to release its second album (and first featuring Melissa) in early 2011.

In the meantime, Final Gravity’s EP, “4 Pack” is now available for purchase on iTunes and other digital outlets. The EP features new versions of three Final Gravity songs featuring Melissa on lead vocals: “Phoenix”, “Lightning and Rainbows”, and “Line ‘Em Up”. The EP also includes a brand new song, “Let Go” that features a powerful lead vocal performance from Melissa in a song that incorporates influences such as King’s X and Led Zeppelin into Final Gravity’s progressive hard rock formula. A preview of “Let Go” can be heard on the CD accompanying the August issue of Fireworks Magazine in the UK.

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