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4. The Flying Dutchman Read
6. Lightning and Rainbows Read
7. Lab Rats Read
8. Phoenix Read
9. Let Go Read

Parallel Lives
Music and Lyrics: Mumford

We’re moving on parallel lines
Side by side, we are so close
Moving forms in a grand design
Same story that nobody knows

Clouds across the moon
Reflected in your eyes
Emotions churning
Loyalties turning

Your face a clear deep pool
Reflections of myself
Colored by your heart
As our paths drift apart

There are no parallel lines
There are no parallel lives

Reaching out, you’re near to me
Fingers stretch and strain for you
You’re moving away from me
Now wanting’s all I can do

You are all I really need
And you’re so much more
You dispel the night
With your simple light

Now all I hold is air
Space between us grows
No design has emerged
As our paths diverged

There are no parallel lines
There are no parallel lives

I thought our lives were parallel
But we’ve moved to different planes
Our paths have met and crossed
Never again pass this way

Watching you move on
Growing shadows creep
Leaves turning brown
Sun going down

Our day and season’s passed
Admit the end and look ahead
Dry my eyes and watch for signs
Of other approaching lines

There are no parallel lines
There are no parallel lives

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Line ‘Em Up
Music and Lyrics: Clark

Mr. Free Market Man
How far does your greed span?
Learned Pollyanna’s ways
From hanging with Ayn Rand

Ethical default
For which you don’t have a hedge
Now we’ll do what you did to us
And push you over the ledge

If there is no justice
How can there be peace?
It’s a never-ending cycle
Catch, testify, release
And then slip through the fingers
Of every palm they greased

Put ‘er there…

Line ‘em up
Let’s do the world a favor
Line ‘em up

Line ‘em up
Accounts will all be settled
Line ‘em up

Hey, Mr. CEO
Here’s your ten million… yeah!
Great work last quarter
You only lost a billion… there

Destroyed so many lives
And you don’t give a hoot
I’ve got your bailout
It’s a lead parachute

There is no justice
There is no peace
When their idea of the law
Is to keep it self-policed
Can’t you hear them laughing
At everyone they fleeced

Ha ha…

Who could have known
Who could have seen the signs?
When the ones who tried to speak the truth
Were silenced by design

What goes up, goes up, goes up
Or so they led us to believe
But it’s hard to ask tough questions
While you’re so profitably deceived

Hey, Mr. Gold Man
You’re a reverse Robin Hood
The way you operate
Is finally well understood

You govern for the people
In the top one percent
As far as you’re concerned
The rest can all get bent

If we want justice
If we want peace
We can’t rely on the money men
To keep things self-policed

We need a different cycle
Investigate and catch, indict, then put on trial,
Convict, incarcerate, then rehabilitate,

‘Til then…

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The Darkness
Music: Chominsky/Clark/Moore/Mumford
Lyrics: Chominsky

I have walked through the valley of darkness
And seen the things you are not allowed to see
I’ve got to tell you
It’s not worth the price of admission

Until you walk a mile in my shoes
Maybe you should reconsider your opinion

I cannot feel
This is not real
Maybe this is all make believe
In the darkness
In the darkness

I offer no comfort of reconciliation
To those beyond reproach
For I alone stand here in self-awareness
And loneliness

Now that you’ve walked a mile in my shoes
I’m really dying to hear your opinion

I cannot feel
This is not real
Maybe this is all make believe
In the darkness
In the darkness

What if the blacks became darker?
What if the silence became quieter?
What if your thoughts became emptier?
Now that the truth has lost all consequence

I cannot feel
This is not real
All make believe
All make believe
All make believe

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The Flying Dutchman
Music: Chominsky/Clark/Moore
Lyrics: Chominsky/Moore

Far away from the mountains
Bleeding out over the shore
Sunrise without salvation
Making port never more

A ship of doomed and cursed spirits
Destination unknown
If you take their offered passage
Forever soulless you’ll roam

For the Flying Dutchman
As she sails off through the storm
And fear
Should you ever cross her path on the sea
Sailor beware of the Flying Dutchman

Though the sea is boundless
Cruel and unaware
You still have time to suffer forever
So sailor beware

There are those who’ll trade a lifetime
For a glimpse of eternity
They sail on the Flying Dutchman
Wishing dearly to be free

For the Flying Dutchman
As she sails off through the storm
And fear
Should you ever cross her path on the sea
Sailor beware of the Flying Dutchman

A hundred years before the mast
A hundred lives betrayed
Your soul as worthless as your cash
And all the prayers you’ve prayed

For the Flying Dutchman
As she sails off through the storm
And fear
Should you ever cross her path on the sea
Sailor beware of the Flying Dutchman

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Lightning and Rainbows
Music and Lyrics: Clark/Chominsky

I often go to this place in my mind…

I never smelled the flowers
Or read the books of yesteryear
I dream of hearing sounds
I have yet to hear

So many secrets within the earth
My eyes have never seen
There are so many answers my mind seeks
And places I’d like to be

I’d understand the mystery
If I could find a different view
But I always turn to…

Lightning and Rainbows
Lured by the sight of the spectacle
Lightning and Rainbows
Awed by the power I stand before
Lightning and Rainbows
Unaware of the hidden miracles
I encounter everyday

All the while it passed me by
I never felt the breeze
I hardly ever noticed
The fallen autumn leaves
Are there really colors
My eyes have never seen?
Is there life beyond the stars?
Tell me the reason why we dream
Always turn to…

Lightning and Rainbows
Turn to the light of the spectacle
Lightning and Rainbows
Reach for the power we stand before
Lightning and Rainbows
Longing for that brilliant miracle

Stop and stare and be aware
Of the marvels that surround you
Close your eyes and realize
That the mystery has found you

Turn around…

Lightning and Rainbows
Lightning and Rainbows
Yet we always find ourselves turning to
Lightning and Rainbows

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Lab Rats
Music and Lyrics: Mumford

Map the mind with software
Reproduce it on demand
But the procedure can kill

Test it on the terminal

Lab animal deaths problematic
But with forever as the goal
Have to keep climbing that hill

We’ll solve all of mankind’s problems
Allay its deepest fears
Utopia is upon us
When mortality disappears

Where can I find a willing subject?
Humans almost out of days?
Where can I try this out?
Lab rats to run in my maze

Warden, I share your concerns
But human tests are the only way
Convicted killers, one and all

These men will never be free

The prisoners are free to decline
Just say no and do their time
Or go down in history

Need to conduct screenings
Biopsies and brain scans
Rule out the poor candidates
Those left may be saviors of Man

I found my willing subjects
Humans almost out of days
Death row inmates are the answer
Lab rats to run in my maze

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Music and Lyrics: Clark

Five hundred years ago
Last time I felt the drive
Emerging from the fire
I was made alive

You should have seen me then
Resplendent red and gold
Over time the colors faded
The fire went out and I grew old

Going down…

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes
I was destroyed and now I fly again
There is no healing process as time passes
Only the beginning and the end

Once dynamic and supersonic
Autopilot’s gone catatonic
And I’m quickly losing

A change of course that defies understanding
Brace for emergency landing
You may experience a sudden shift in

Out of control…

As you’re flying
Through this life
A few well-placed shots
Can take you out

Embedded pellets of
Newfound internal strife
Clip once majestic wings
And fill your mind with doubt

As time goes by
You wonder why
The shrapnel lodged within your heart
Prevents a brand new start

Wanting to get better
Willing to pay any cost
Sometimes the only way to heal
Is to regain what you have lost

Just like the Phoenix I will fly
Reanimated as I die
Reclaiming my place within the sky

An instantaneous goodbye
Within the blink of an eye
Just like the Phoenix now I fly

Many years I was in flight
And failed to see the light
It was obscured by
Blackened skies

I finally crashed and burned
Broke though the clouds and learned
A spirit forged within a trial by fire
Is empowered to climb to newfound highs

Flying high…

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Let Go
Music and Lyrics: Clark

I speak these affirmations
That I want to take to heart
Why can’t they erase the past
That is tearing me apart?

Years of nagging voices
Have left this heart and mind at war
So many battles with hostility
I’ve been shaken to my core

Can I let go?

To err is Human
To forgive, divine
But divinity’s elusiveness
Is increased with passing time

Hell hath no fury
Like an alliance set on fire
And now I walk upon this low road
Why can’t I find a path that’s higher?

Can I let go?
Can I learn to live
With what I can’t forgive?
I don’t know…

Let go
Move on
This sad old song

One by one I’ll slay these demons
Day by day I’ll work on healing
All for one essential reason
Letting go

Hour by hour I’ll keep reminding
To see beyond the hate that’s blinding
Serenity I’ll soon be finding
Letting go

Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus
But I can’t even move the stone
I’ve been pushing you forever
Now it’s time to go alone

I’ve had enough of this futility
And now I must release
As I watch you roll away
I can finally find my peace

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