Final Gravity is featured in the September/October edition of Fireworks! This UK-based magazine is dedicated to melodic hard rock and metal.

“Currently getting lots of good feedback and airplay etc for their new self-titled CD and new EP is Californian progressive rock band FINAL GRAVITY…”

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Final Gravity’s new song, “Let Go” is featured on the CD that accompanies this issue of Fireworks. You can hear this version of “Let Go” by checking out the Final Gravity’s music page.


“There is a ton of talent here”.
-Rock the Monkey

“They know how to play their instruments like holy hell”.
-Baby Sue

“There is so much talent and potential here that we could be talking about these guys in the years to come”.
-Rock & Rolla

“The four merge heavy musical styling to create a sound unique and edgy”.
-The Cutting Edge

“This is a…hard rock band with a real and rebellious attitude to shake the staus quo”.
-Battle Helm

“Highly recommended”.
-Hardrock Haven

“This band does more in ten minutes than other Prog Rockers do in an entire hour”.
-The Away Team

“The progressive nature of the band definitely stands out with odd time and vocal changes”.
-Teeth of the Divine

“Final Gravity are out to show that there is still a place for very technical and melodic musicianship …and throw any musical sloppiness out the window”.

“This is easily one of the best rock bands I have heard making the rounds these days”.
-Metal Core Fanzine

“Fans of the genre should love and rock fans in general will probably enjoy too”.

“The band picks some very interesting topics in their songs”.
-Shockwave Magazine

“These guys kick ass”.
-Get Exposed


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